Passing Lane - 2018

Rating: PG

HP 48 HOURS 2018 Grand Finalist.
1 of 18 films chosen to play in the Civic in 556 teams.

Writer: Ryan Williams
Director: Ashley Williams
Starring: Ryan Williams, Ashley Williams
Composer: Marcus Williams

Best National Female Director nomination (Ashley Williams)
Best National Score nomination (Marcus Williams)

Won Best Regional Score (Marcus Williams)
Nominated for Best Regional Script (Ryan Williams)
Nominated for Best Regional Director (Ashley Williams)
Nominated for Best Female Film maker (Laetitia Belen- cinematography)
Nominated for Best Regional Cinematography (Laetitia Belen)
Nominated for Best Regional Editing (Danesh Silvam and Brendan Dee)
Nominated for Best Sound Design (Danesh Silvam)

Written, produced and delivered all within a weekend!

GENRE - Back From The Dead
TECHNICAL ELEMENT - A shadow/or Silhouette

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